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The MESH Mission

Create the most secure digital payment system in the world by leveraging modern security technologies and connecting our customers to every transaction.

We believe that including your judgement approval in every transaction is the best defense against the threat of identity theft and fraudulent transactions.

About Us

Founded by U.S. Navy Veterans, law enforcement officers, and a Certified Fraud Examiner, MESH was born out of the belief that there is a better, faster, less expensive, and more secure way to move money throughout the world, without exposing your personal information to the world.

Question tradition: With a combined experience in the payment processing industry of over 30 years, we have brought the same dedication we served with in the U.S. military to the payment industry. That dedication inspired us to ask ourselves, “Is a credit or debit card or e-check really the best way for people to move money?” We don’t believe it is.

Whether you’re buying something online, in person, paying a bill, or sending money to a friend or relative; traditional payment methods always put your personal information at risk.

If you are a business owner, your business is constantly under the burden of overwhelming fees and risks. The security of your customer’s personal information, PCI compliance, credit card interchange, discount rates, and chargebacks, stop payments on checks; even “modern” payment networks allow for the reversal of payments.

The MESH difference

Our payment system never requires a customer to share personal information with another person or business, use a card or card number, an NFC chip, or store a card in a mobile device. We know our customers; both businesses and individuals, and we protect them with cutting edge security technology and by connecting them both to every transaction.

Why trust and hope a third-party payment platform will protect you when you can do it better yourself?

They won’t let you, but MESH will.