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By connecting customers, merchants, and banks, MESH provides a secure payment channel for merchants with real time payments, guaranteed funds, and lower fees than traditional credit card networks.

No fees! Just one, low flat-rate!

Mesh Merchants

  Can become a MESH money station without purchasing an ATM

  Cannot incur a fraudulent chargeback from a customer

  Cannot knowingly or accidentally sell to an underage customer

  Online merchants can use our free API or shopping cart plugin

Our costs are simple with no hidden fees!

VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover Network Fees:

  • Dues & Assessments
  • Authorization
  • Address Verification
  • CPU Gateway
  • Interchange
  • Kilobyte Fee
  • NABU Fees
  • CVC2 Fees
  • MC Digital Enablement
  • Location Fee
  • ACQR Processor Fees
  • Misuse Authorization Fees
  • ACQ Data Processing RTN C
  • CR Dues and Access
  • File Transmission Fee
  • AQ Processing RTN D
  • Card Account Verification
  • Chargebacks
  • Statement Fee
  • 12B Letters
  • On File Fee
  • Account Maintenance Fee
  • PCI Compliance
  • Regulatory Product
  • Fixed netowork CNP Fee
  • License Rate 

Power eCommerce Websites with Mesh

MESH can also be used for eCommerce, making your online shopping experience so much easier.